About Me - markpowersphotography

I am proud to say that I have achieved my Certified Professional Photographer credential from PPA (Professional Photographers of America).  I am an award-winning photographer at the local and national level and an active member of the New Hampshire Professional Photographers Association.  My interest in photography began over 30 years ago when my oldest daughter, Erin, was just a baby and I wanted to chronical our family's experiences. Her sister, Lindsay, was born four years after her, and now with 4 grandchildren and extended family, there's no absence of subject matter!

I am also a Clinical Social Worker specializing in mental health care for adults and couples. All of us are not only troubled at times by what happens to us, but how we view and interpret what happens to us. Counseling is mostly about the latter - how we view our experience. At times we need to see things as they are and accept them. But it's important for us to recognize that the story of our lives is still being written, and we can be constructively active in shaping the meaning of events, if not the events themselves.

Similarly, photography is about how we view what is in front of us. My goal is to notice and shoot subjects in a manner that viewers are pleasantly surprised by what they see. I hope you enjoy what you find here!